The Team


The Tactician

{a person who uses a carefully planned strategy to achieve a specific end}

The bio of Patsy Kenney, written by Olivia.

Once you get to know Patsy, you quickly wish that you had met her earlier in high school or college during both the good times and the bad. She possesses an innate sense of nurturing and it doesn't matter whether she has known you her whole life or just met you at the Starbucks coffee line. She goes above and delivers way beyond the dream you had set for yourself. Patsy is the human form of what we are told fairies are like. Her attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and visionary mind whether it's planning a client's big event, conveying a story through visuals, or coaching another passionate creative, are impeccable. Simply and magnetically put, she is a rarity.


Branding & event strategist

  • BA in Public Relations, URI

  • AS in Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design, NEIT

  • Certified life coach

  • 10+ years in corporate marketing building brand awareness through client relations & event management in companies such as Delta Dental of RI, Bottomline Technologies, Bluedog Capital Partners & Swarovski

  • Featured in Providence Monthly


The Technician

{a person skilled in the technique of an art or craft}

The bio of Brittanny Taylor, written by Patsy.

Brittanny is not only one of the most talented photographers on the planet, she's the kind of loving, no BS, tell-it-how-it-is, fiercely loyal, friend & cheerleader we all should be so lucky to have in our back pocket. She values the success of others as much as she values her own. Brittanny truly believes we're all capable of taking and curating amazing photos that capture our individual stories; all it takes is a little attention & intention. Her friends & clients alike benefit from her never ending thirst for knowledge about all things tech, branding, business growth, social media and photography - which she generously shares (with anyone who is interested to hear) on the regular. Don't let her all-black-all-the-time wardrobe fool you, she is one badass babe with a big heart.


Photographer & social media consultant

  • BA in Film, RIC

  • Nine years working as fashion and lifestyle photographer in New York and New England

  • Selected clients include Refinery29, Ann Taylor LOFT, and Karmaloop

  • Published in Dutch Glamour, Nylon Japan,,,, and more

  • 2018 50 on Fire winner, Rhode Island Inno

  • Featured in Providence Monthly


The Transformer

{a person or thing that transforms something}

The bio of Olivia Rodrigues, written by Brittanny.

Olivia is more than a wardrobe stylist. Clothing is just an outward expression of one's personality and individuality. Olivia enhances the awesome qualities you already possess. She enhances the confidence of her clients. But clients is the wrong word. She becomes a trusted friend. The great thing about Olivia is she is a true co-conspirator. You can casually mention a little idea you had and she is already thinking of a way to make it a reality. She has the eye for finding the possibility in anything. She's always there with a helping hand to help your dreams become a reality.


Wardrobe stylist & art director

  • MA in Strategic Fundraising + Philanthropy, Bay Path College

  • BA in Arts, RIC

  • 2017 Best of RI Winner, Rhode Island Monthly Magazine Editor's Pick: Best Stylist

  • Channel 12 The Rhode Show Correspondent

  • Featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Providence Monthly