What Is The Insta Edit Workshop?

Join fashion & lifestyle photographer, Brittanny Taylor, and branding & event strategist, Patsy Culp, for a hands-on in house workshop designed to help you leverage Instagram to grow your brand, business and following. We’ll help you identify your insta-brand direction, share our styling and photography tips for capturing and editing captivating photos, then we’ll shift gears so that you can put everything we’ve shared into practice by styling and capturing stunning photos using your iPhone right on site. You and your team will leave the workshop with an Instagram brand direction, defined content categories, knowledge to attract the right followers, loads of photos ready for posting, and the confidence to shoot Insta-worthy photos anytime, anywhere.


Who Is The Insta Edit For?

This workshop is for beginners identifying as: entrepreneurs, service-based business owners, business or life coaches, health or wellness coaches, creatives, shop or restaurant or gallery owners, photographers, musicians, bloggers, YouTubers, graphic designers, event planners, freelancers, artists, authors, product-based business owners, makers, and those making a living cultivating content for an organization.


Why The Heck Is This Important?

First impressions are lasting impressions. More and more people are looking to social media to find the right person to hire for their next project or service needs. Having beautiful photos are essential to forming connections with new customers. A few swipes of the thumb could determine whether a new customer chooses to work with you over the next person.


Why Branded Photography?

Visual communication is the number one way people interact with a brand so having amazing photography is the quickest way for someone to connect with your brand. Having strong imagery will set you apart in a noisy digital world.

My professional career is centered around communications and marketing. Social media is a key component to my everyday tasks. After attending The Insta Edit, I was able to bring back tangible knowledge and skills to my job and to my personal social media and branding. The knowledge I gained was worth every penny and I am excited for the next one.
— Cathrine Nelson, Director of Communications for The Lady Project

Ready To Host The Insta Edit Workshop
For Your Team?

We want to come to your business to teach you how to best utilize Instagram for your business! Drop us a line and we will be in touch!

    Want To Join Us For Our Next
    Public Workshop?

    When & where is this exciting workshop happening? 

    Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018

    Time: 10a - 3p

    Place: Candita Clayton Gallery
    in the Hope Artiste Village
    999 Main Street, Suite #105
    Pawtucket, RI 02860

    What to expect:

    • A beautiful workshop setting.

    • A full inventory of props including fresh flowers and paper goods.

    • Five stations for styling & shooting: food, flowers, people, outside, paper goods.

    • One-on-one styling instruction.

    • One-on-one photography coaching.

    • A coffee and tea bar. (Caffeine & creativity go hand in hand).

    • Light morning nibbles.

    • A delightful lunch fit for photographing.

    What to bring:

    • Your beautiful self! (Arrive camera ready & wear something you’d love to be photographed in, because you’ll have the chance to be the prop at the “people” station).

    • Your fully charged iPhone! (Be sure to clear a little space because you’ll be capturing loads of new photos, and you might want to download a few photo editing apps we recommend).

    • Bring your phone charger (just in case).

    • A notebook and pen for jotting down notes, the old fashioned way. (Worksheets and templates will be provided).  

    What's the cost?


    We'd love to have you join us! Please continue scrolling below to see what past workshop attendees had to say about the experience! :D

    One of the best decisions I made for my business was investing in myself, with a team of women who were invested in my success. Brittanny & Patsy are those women, and The Insta Edit helped me find focus for my photography business.

    Sitting down with them during the workshop felt like reuniting with old friends. Old friends who had tons of amazing and completely applicable knowledge to help my brand. They helped me define my target client, and the best ways to talk to her through my social media channels. They helped me refine some of my own future goals & helped with ideas to execute on them.

    The only thing slightly more amazing than Brittanny & Patsy, were the results.

    Following the workshop - within 6 Instagram posts, a photographer reached out to hire me to work with her. Six posts curated in ways they suggested, that’s all it took for me to see results. I had already made back my return on investment.

    Within a month of the workshop a bride I was working with told me she couldn’t wait for me to do her future family photography. Meaningful because this had been a goal of mine from the workshop, turning specialty clients into longterm returning relationships, following people on their life journey.

    I truly believe a shift in my work and energies came from working with these amazing ladies, and I’m forever grateful for their help!
    — Jessica Pohl, Photographer