The Content Kit

As entrepreneurs, we wake up every morning with to-do lists longer than our legs filled with tasks like: sales calls, follow-up emails, marketing outreach, invoicing, client work, 1:1 consultations, VIP Days… deadlines to meet, customers to please, expectations to uphold, admin & billing to handle… and, then you spend a few minutes on social media and the panic sets in: What. The-ever-loving-HELL. Should. I. Post?

The thing is, you’ve done the work - you know who your ideal client is, you know the message you’d like to share, but you get tripped up because you’re still not sure how to visually bring that message to life -- or you become overwhelmed by all the things you could say, and you don’t know what to share. Besides, it’s just one more thing for you to plan and execute. You know that social media is an amazing FREE platform to share your message and grow your audience, but it’s hard to justify the time you’re spending when clients (and all things real life) are beckoning your attention.

So, one of these two things happen:

  1. You fall into overwhelm and don’t post anything at all.

  2. You haphazardly slap something up there that really doesn’t align with your message, the truth of who you are, and/or who you want to reach.

Fear not, we feel you. (And, trust us, we’ve been there too). The good news is, we’re here to help you put the intention & attention back into your social media game.


A consultative brand content creation service.

It works like this:

  • After you’ve completed the 2-hour deep-dive brand strategy session: (an in-depth, one-on-one experience during which you’ll gain clarity around your brand vision, mission, and visual storyline, so you can start seeing the results you want to see brought to life in your business and begin working with more of the people you most want to serve), you’ll spend one-hour with Patsy (aka The Tactician) via Zoom or in-person over coffee and donuts to outline all of the engagements, business launches, public appearances, workshops and life events (i.e. vacations) you have coming up the following month.

  • Based on your commitments & your overall brand plan (your brand plan is the guide you’ll receive as a result of your initial brand strategy session with us), Patsy will put together content categories and caption ideas for each day of the week for the following month. Also, you will learn best practices for engaging with your growing following.

  • Then, Brittanny & Olivia, (aka The Technician & Transformer) will come on board to work together to create uniquely curated compelling photos that tell your brand story in the form of flat lays and lifestyle shots. (A brand plan, content strategy, two stylists & one hell of a photographer = one month’s worth of awesome content and having something to post every single day!) 
    Note: Based on your goals and upcoming events, you may have to fill-in the gaps with photos of you doing what you do, speaking at an event, delivering a presentation, on vacation etc., but that will be determined during your hour-long call. Also, if you are working with an outside photographer, we will provide the guidelines.

  • One week prior to the start of the month, we’ll deliver a spreadsheet to you with your unique content and captions listed by date, and a column numbering the corresponding photo to match each message. All photos will be delivered via Dropbox for your convenience.

The value:

  • Brand Palette. Three creative brains crafting uniquely curated content specific to your brand & message; think unique brand color palette, brand elements, and tone of voice that represent you.

  • Social Content Schedule. A done-for-you content schedule; all you need to do is copy and paste the captions (after tweaking to your liking) into the platform of choice and upload the corresponding photo.

  • Cohesiveness. Not only will we help you create a cohesive grid that tells your brand story, we'll ensure that your brand story appears consistently & cohesively across all channels - online & off.

  • Best Practices. We'll give you all of our tips for taking photos on your own. And, get this, when those times occur that require you to take photos on your own, we’ll coordinate editing on your behalf!

  • Analytics Analysis. We’ll break down what those analytics mean and give you the best times to post.

  • Hashtag Help. Recommended hashtags specifically for you.

  • Peace of Mind. No more headaches, or moments of panic, just peace of mind knowing that your message is being delivered consistently and beautifully, and most importantly, it's resonating directly with your audience.

In the last few months since working with Brittanny and Patsy I have organically grown my Instagram followers by over 40%. I no longer post a photo that doesn’t get seen or create engagement. I now get up to hundreds of likes and or comments for each post.

Thank you so much for your support. I’m excited to know that through your support and my consistency, I’m creating a stand out following on Instagram.
Jeannie Spiro