Jenny Brown, Artist

With my art business, fortunately, continuing to progress forward slowly but surely over these past years, I have recently felt a desire to fine-tune my online presence. But as a person who is “getting a little older” smack dab at a time when a strong social media presence is necessary for business, I have been very fearful of having these pictures taken, so I have made do with ok-ish studio selfies and pictures I force James to take of me 😂. Fortunately, Brittanny could not have been easier or more delightful to work with, and took pictures that actually look and feel like me (and let’s face it, there is nothing weirder than seeing professional pictures of someone you know, and wondering who they are because they look so different or uncomfortable from how they usually are IRL!). She has given me the confidence to present these pictures to the a middle ageish working artist with a day job who is so f$cking happy to have chosen the path she did, no matter how hard it has been along the way.
— Jenny Brown

What She Got:

Branded Photography