Elizabeth Crane Swartz, Jewelry Designer 

What she got:

Believe It + Branded Photography retainer + squarespace website creation

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.44.51 PM.png

What led you to reach out to us?

I was following Brittanny Taylor and saw that I had missed out on a The Insta Edit workshop so was keeping an eye out for other opportunities to work with and learn from The Branding Edit team.


How did working with us make you feel?

Relieved and excited. Working for yourself can feel pretty lonely and self-doubt creeps up in many ways. The Branding Edit validated my work, my ideas and I felt real support. Leaving my job was exciting but scary and I left our meeting feeling more excited than scared.

What was the most impactful part of our work together?

I left with connections, ideas and new energy - and new friends. How great is that?


What were you struggling with at the time?

I had recently left my full time job to work on my hand painted jewelry and was looking for ways to learn about how to sell myself and my jewelry. I’d only ever made jewelry as a side gig/hobby and was feeling overwhelmed.


How did we support you?

Sitting with The Branding Edit team was a huge relief. It was great to hear what I was doing well, where I could change my branding approach, and tangible ways to make it happen. Not only ideas from a visual branding perspective, but also ideas on how best to target my ideal customer and real ways to grow.


What results have you noticed after implementing our recommendations?

In the year since working with The Branding Edit team, I’ve grown my social media following by honing my visual story. I’ve landed new selling opportunities by putting myself out there. I have a clearer sense of my personal brand and my business brand and how they work together.