Product Design:  E. Campanella Studios

Product Design: E. Campanella Studios

Join Us For The Craft Your Brand Workshop 

We're so excited to host an all-day, hands-on workshop designed specifically to guide you in refining your brand story and sharing it cohesively across all channels — online & off — before, during, and after your next market, or pop-up, to maximize your reach, increase engagement, and generate more sales.


Who Is The Craft Your Brand Workshop For?

Are you a maker, artisan, farmer, crafter, jeweler, grocer, caterer, brewer, baker, chocolatier, restaurateur, culinary creative, coffee roaster, vintage & consignment seller, or entrepreneur that is growing your brand exposure by showcasing your products at markets, pop-up events, or fairs? Then, this workshop is for you! 


This all-day, hands-on, experiential workshop will cover three major things: 1) How to build buzz around your brand before the event. 2) How to create that connection with your audience in person. 3) How to keep the relationship going post event.

What Will You Learn?


Why Is This Important?

Brand cohesion builds trust. And, we all know why trust is essential when it comes to building a business: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Trust builds relationships, and relationships build results, which translate into glowing client reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, more, happy, paying customers. Intentionally crafting an in-person-experience that matches your online presence will build trust that drives home your brand story, deepens your client connections, and maximizes your results. 


When & where is this exciting workshop happening? 

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Time: 10a - 4p

Place: Rooms&Works
55 Cromwell Street
Providence, RI 02907

☞ A beautiful workshop setting.

☞ A coffee and tea bar. (Caffeine & creativity go hand in hand).

☞ Light morning nibbles and lunch will be provided.

What to expect:

What to bring:

☞ Your awesome self! 

☞ A notebook and pen for jotting down notes, the old fashioned way. (Worksheets and templates will be provided).  


What's the cost?

Product Design: E. Campanella Studios

Product Design: E. Campanella Studios

One of the best decisions I made for my business was investing in myself, with a team of women who were invested in my success. Brittanny & Patsy are those women, and the workshop helped me find focus for my photography business.

Following the workshop - within 6 Instagram posts, a photographer reached out to hire me to work with her. Six posts curated in ways they suggested, that’s all it took for me to see results. I had already made back my return on investment.

Within a month of the workshop a bride I was working with told me she couldn’t wait for me to do her future family photography. Meaningful because this had been a goal of mine from the workshop, turning specialty clients into longterm returning relationships, following people on their life journey.

I truly believe a shift in my work and energies came from working with these amazing ladies, and I’m forever grateful for their help!
— Jessica Pohl, Photographer