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This is how working together made Lisa and Brett feel

“Honestly, we felt like stars! We could actually see this project come to life. “


The results

“Certainly we are more confident in moving forward with our business. The beautiful photos and the Achieve It PDF are great tools that can keep us tethered to our unique brand, our message, and our professional goals.”


What they got:

Achieve It


Why Lisa and Brett reached out

“We were preparing for a major launch of our musical business. We did enough reading and self-educating to know that branding was a necessary first step in our marketing strategy. We are self-motivated, but we also realized that we needed other eyes, ears and ideas from another source. Sometimes it's difficult to see what others see. The Branding Edit seemed like a good fit for our needs in this area.”


Videography by Cody Peck and Matt Soper
Edited by Matt Soper
Music by Brumbylon


In our time together

“The most impactful thing about working with the Branding Edit was how perfectly they captured who we are. Looking at the mood boards, reading the Achieve It document they created from the interview - these things acted as mirrors reflecting the essence of our brand back to us. We saw our authentic selves sort of upgraded! And that's what we want to unleash on the world.”