What Confidence Means to Patsy


What does confidence mean to you?

To me, confidence means feeling good in your own skin. It’s about knowing yourself, speaking your truth, and taking action in alignment with your values. I can honestly say that in this season of my life, I feel the most confident I ever have. I think this newfound confidence stems from consciously celebrating the actions I’ve been taking to live my life in alignment with my beliefs. 

Do you have a favorite podcast or TV series that inspires confidence?

I’m totally in love with Queer Eye! The wait for more heartwarming transformations, love, laughter, and tears from the FAB 5 coming in Season 5 is already killing me. To witness the profound transformations each person who is nominated goes through gets me in all.the.feels every time. The confidence each nominee exudes afterward just radiates from them — you can literally feel the transformation through the screen. Confidence is a game-changer because when you finally believe in your own abilities, qualities, and worth, you start showing up differently. As we shared in our blog post yesterday, when you believe in you, others will believe you and want to be part of the thing you’re creating too. 

How does knowing your Enneagram Type empower you?

I’m a 7 which means I’m constantly seeking new and exciting experiences — generally enthusiastic about life and people, and forever optimistic that everything will workout for the highest good. I love variety and sometimes appear scattered because I have a tendency to (enthusiastically) start one million things at once. For a long time I told myself a really negative story about “never finishing what I start,” but then when I learned my enneagram type I began to see things differently. I now feel empowered because I see my ability to activate new ideas and launch new projects as a SUPERPOWER and I’ve set myself up to utilize this strength to support others through The Branding Edit and beyond.

Who do you admire for their confidence?

Gosh, there are so many amazing humans I admire. But, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to highlight my love for @bethanycmeyers. Bethany is the Founder + CEO of @thebecomeproject, a body-neutral, super-approachable fitness app, and a body-neutral advocate. I deeply admire Bethany for the confidence they exude by showing up unapologetically as them. Their commitment to showing up, speaking out, and expressing themselves openly and vulnerably is an invitation to all of us to do the same for ourselves, and living proof that when we do, massive positive impact is possible. 

How are you practicing confidence this summer?

The more I’ve grown to love myself, the more I’ve begun to challenge the past programming playing on repeat in my mind. Stay with me here. I’ll give you a silly example, I’ve been telling myself for years, “I’m not someone who wears crop tops or cheeky bathing suits.” So, I’ve been practicing asking myself, “why?” Acknowledging each belief then changing my actions to disrupt the pattern. In this case, that meant purchasing a couple of really cute crop tops and one hella-sexy-cheeky-one piece bathing suit. Time for the outside to reflect how I’m feeling on the inside, can you relate?