What Confidence Means To Olivia

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence to me means feeling great inside and out; feeling aligned with the decisions I make in all areas of my life and not compromising my values to please others. Confidence to me is being unapologetic and honoring + celebrating who I am (qualities & flaws). It is a daily practice for me because it’s not innate to me (never has been). I am very proud of how far I’ve come. I’m working on expressing my needs more and not filtering my thoughts so much. I am learning to take up space and acknowledge my truth more.

Do you have a favorite podcast or TV series that inspires confidence?

The Black Girl in OM podcast with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory -- feeds my black womanhood. They created a space of wellness, self-care, and self-love for women of color. It’s good to feel cared for in that way and hear stories and experiences of other women. 

I’m also a subscriber to @RadiantHealthMag, a bi-annual subscription magazine for the African woman. It keeps me in the know when it comes to highlighting movers and shakers here in the U.S. and on the continent (and so much more). The articles are refreshing and insightful, and their editorials take me to a different place and provide inspiration. No topic is left untouched, and I love that about them. Media like BGOM and Radiant mag are a constant reminder to me, as an African woman AND a mother, that I am important, my story is important, my needs are important, my voice matters, and I am worthy of all the best this life can offer. 

How does knowing your Enneagram Type empower you?

I am primarily a Type 3 the Achiever. Achievers need to be validated to feel worthy; they pursue success and want to be admired. They are frequently hard-working, competitive, and are highly focused in the pursuit of their goals. I also dab into Type 5 the Investigator and Type 7 the Enthusiast. Knowing my Enneagram type(s) empowered me in a way where I get to accept, love, and appreciate myself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me, and I’m not alone in the way I think, act, and work. There’s a science behind the madness to back it up — so the empowerment for me had to do with celebrating myself more because I tend to be self-critical. 

Who do you admire for their confidence?

This is a hard one. I have quite a few people that I follow who take confidence to the next level and have been shifting mindsets through their empowerment work — for instance, @paulemarieassandre, founder of @thebodyacceptance and @lamaisonnikaule (one of the designer partners of @antoustudio). Paule-Marie is leading a movement in West Africa by spreading awareness around body positivity, self-love, and why we as African women must shatter old ideals of the perfect female body and take control of our own narrative. She does this work through dance and movement, and it’s poetic, emotional, and super powerful. 

How are you practicing confidence this summer?

By staying committed to doing the things I love that nurture my soul — like going to the beach/pool as much as possible and saying ‘Yes’ to attending dance classes with a friend. I feel good about myself in the summer when I find fun ways to stay active and outside out of the house, and be out in nature. Also, taking extra good care of my skin and my plants this summer has certainly enhanced my confidence — hydration, nourishment, and the right amount of sun are my current formula.