What Clarity Means to Patsy


What do you do as a daily practice to invite clarity in your life?

As often as possible, I start each day with quiet reflective time. Lately, I’ve been waking up, setting a timer for 10-minutes and putting pen to paper. It’s becoming increasingly addictive. When I start the day from a quiet place, I’m always more clear-headed and productive throughout the day. The other thing I find extremely valuable is receiving clarity through conversation. The more I talk things out with someone else, the more my ideas become refined and the more clarity I generally receive.

Which areas of your life/business do you look forward to getting clarity on in the upcoming fall season?    

This feels vulnerable to say. But, honestly, it’s my finances. In the past, I’ve had the tendency to ignore that area of my life and just live from this place of creation mode, but I’m ready to channel that energy behind my creation and creativity toward some clear, tangible, monetary goals.

Why is clarity essential when it comes to branding your business?

The clearer you are on who you are, what makes you, you, and who will most benefit from your services, the clearer you’ll be able to communicate your message in a way that directly connects to the heart of your customer.