Tough Love Tuesday | Step Into Your Greatness, Sis


I'm going to need you to step into your greatness, sis. I had a completely different blog post planned for today, but I was watching a woman's video on YouTube, and she was talking about how she was offered roles in Hamilton and a new Broadway show. Exciting, right? But, then she was attributing her getting cast as to having a good agent and great karma coming her way and all these other things. Then the video cut to her from the future a.k.a. her while she was editing the video. She said if she could only jump through the screen right now and shake herself because she got those parts because she was great.

We have to acknowledge the amazing things that we do. We all know how hard it is for women to say, "yes, I did that, and I'm fucking proud of myself." Anytime a woman shows confidence in herself, here comes someone saying that she's too prideful or she is full of herself. I would counter that and say that is a woman who knows who she is and is proud of all her accomplishments.

You are serving absolutely no one by downplaying all the good things you've done. You may think that you're modest or humble, but what you're actually doing is minimizing how much work you've done to get to where you are. When another woman looks up to you and says that you are her motivation, and you respond with "oh no, it's not that serious" or "it wasn't that hard" or any other excuse to minimize all the work you've done to get to where you are, you are telling her that it is easy. That woman may now lose confidence because she is struggling to grow her business and busting her ass and doing everything she can to succeed, and for you to say "oh, it's no big thing" where does that leave her?

As female business owners, we need to talk about the process, and we also need to praise all the things that we've done. We've carried our businesses, families, and our communities on our backs for lifetimes. We have to acknowledge our strength and persistence. How can we expect other people to honor our greatness when we cannot honor it ourselves?

My ladies, next time someone compliments you, say thank you. Reach out to your girls and let them know how great they're doing. Acknowledge their daily persistence in growing their business. Celebrate their successes. And, if they give you an excuse, I beg of you to say to them sis, step into your greatness and I'm going to step into that greatness with you.