Tips to Find Peace and Clarity for Small Business Owners

If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours.

There is a reason why this Zen proverb exists. Peace and clarity can be hard to come by when you have a ton of responsibilities and a million voices running through your head. We must take the time to care for ourselves because if we are run down, we can help no one and our business will in turn suffer. Here are my top five ways to clear your mind so you can be back better than ever.

EFT Tapping

I’ve been tapping for a few years now, and it’s my go-to for getting down to the root of an issue to clear it out once and for all. EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique, which is the process of tapping on several “meridian points” on the body that can release “energy blockages” that cause “negative emotions. Think of a combination of acupuncture and talk therapy. When I’m struggling in a particular area, I find a video on YouTube (my man Brad Yates has a tapping video for pretty much anything) and I follow along. It’s been so helpful for me in clearing negative and limiting beliefs and it’s a weekly practice for me.


I don’t meditate all the time, but I did this morning, and it’s what inspired me to write this blog post. I found an hour-long sound bath video on YouTube (you’ll see a theme of me watching YouTube here), and I sat on my yoga mat after doing some stretching, and I let the sounds take me away. I have a very overactive mind so meditating isn’t always the easiest for me, but it is a practice that I know calms me down. Try an app like Insight Timer, Calm, or Headspace for guided meditations. Also, there are many meditations you can follow along for free online.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats therapy is an emerging form of soundwave therapy in which the right and left ears listen to two slightly different frequency tones yet perceive the tone as one. Listening to binaural beats is a new practice for me that I started doing when I had a hard time falling asleep because I had a horrible cough. I searched on YouTube for some trick to get me to stop coughing and I can across a binaural beats video dedicated to getting rid of a cough. The majority of binaural beats videos you will come across are devoted to sleep, but there are sound recordings made for many different purposes, just like with EFT Tapping.


I love journaling, and I’ve been doing it for 150 consecutive days as of this morning. The one thing I do for sure is Rachel Hollis’s Start Today Journal. I list of five things I am grateful for that has happened in the past 24 hours, the ten dreams I made happen, and the one goal I will achieve first. On top of that, if I have the time, I will either do Liz White’s transformational journaling prompts or others I find online. And, of course, you can discover journaling prompts on YouTube.


I like to stay active by going to Bikram yoga regularly. It’s called 90 minutes of open-eyed meditation for a reason. I can clear out my mind and just focus on what the instructor is saying, my poses, and my breathing. You don’t need to leave your home to stretch. There are plenty of videos to follow along with on YouTube (yes, all I do is watch YouTube, and they should sponsor my life). Yoga with Adrienne is fantastic and there are plenty of other workouts to follow on there as well.

What are some ways for you to find peace and clarity in your life as a small business owner? Let me know in the comments below.