Tip Thursday | How To Sound Authentic In Your Writing


“I don’t know what to say.”

“I’m not a writer.”

“I hate thinking of what to write.”

We’ve heard some version of this a lot lately. Figuring out what to write can be a struggle. Add on top of that, having to write multiple blog posts, Instagram captions, and emails all day long. I can understand why people would never want to look at a keyboard ever again.

So, let’s break down what writing actually is. It’s getting the words in your head on paper (or the computer screen). That’s all. No one is asking you to write the next great American novel. No one is expecting Pulitzer Prize-winning work. We can build it up in our minds that we have to write something so grand and perfect, but no one is demanding that. Your people just want to hear from you. Your voice is what they want to hear.

People tell me that my blog posts sound just like me. There is a reason for that. Here is the not so secret on how I write my blog posts.

Picture me, your girl Brittanny, lying on my couch, rambling into my phone. Am I on a phone call? Nope. I’m talking into my Notes app until I see something resembling a blog post. Then I copy and paste everything I said into Grammarly and play around with it until it makes sense.

That’s the secret to writing authentic copy. Use your Notes app of choice on your phone or computer, click on the microphone button, and talk it out. Talking it out is the key here. Sometimes people just need to say the words out loud to make sure it makes sense. We hear that a lot in our Perceive It sessions. People need to vocalize the thoughts in their head to make sure that their idea is actually a good one. The same goes for any writing you share online.

Try it out the next time you have writer’s block, and you don’t know what to say. Trust me; the words will come out much more naturally, and there will be no more staring at that blinking cursor on your screen.

If you’re wondering, I did not use the talk to text feature for this blog post. I spared Patsy having to listen to me chatter this one out at my computer.