The 411 on Hashtags


Hashtags are a great way of having new people find your Instagram profile. There are a handful of ways for your account to be found - getting tagged in other people's photos, geotags, and hashtags. Hashtags are the most versatile way of getting followers to your page. Here are four quick tips on how to best utilize hashtags.

1 | Use all 30 hashtags.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a post so why not use them! Every hashtag you use is an opportunity to be seen by a new audience so take full advantage of it. There is a debate on how many hashtags it’s cool to use. I personally would rather my posts be seen by a larger audience than worry that I’m using more than two hashtags.

2 | Keep the hashtags in the caption, not a comment.

Instagram sees hashtags in comments as spam so keep the hashtags in the original caption. You can separate the hashtags from the caption but using dots. Like these ⤵️

This will separate the hashtags from your text so your followers aren't hit with a giant wall of text.

3 | Make separate groups of hashtags depending on your content.

I keep a running list of hashtags in the notes on my phone so I can pick which group of hashtags will be best suitable for the kind of photo I am posting. I have separate hashtag groups for my fashion photos, flat lays, NYC shots, office photos, and entrepreneurship posts. This will save you so much time!

4 | Keep the hashtags you use under one million uses.

You may see some people using hashtags like #instagood but it has over 700 million posts using it. Your photo will never be seen. When researching hashtags, look for tags used under a million times. You will have a much better chance of your photo being seen but they people you want to see your post.

Do you have any secret tips on how to use hashtags and beat the algorithyn? Leave them in the comments!