Start Before You’re Ready


My experience as a stylist so far has been that most women who seek my advice already have a pretty good idea of their style. What it ultimately comes down to is figuring out where to begin and what and how to wear it. As a stylist, my goal is to assist with that, and although people tend to think that my job consists of picking out clothes and “playing dress up” with clients, it always ends up being much more than that. 

There are a lot of feelings involved when it comes to the clothes we wear, and very often feelings of self-love (or lack of thereof) surface and I find myself reminding a client, while in the fitting room, that there are no such things as flaws. 

It’s very easy to be influenced by what society tells us the average woman should look like or what natural beauty is. And when you add life events and circumstances to the mix, self-care and personal style aren’t necessarily on our list of priorities. We feel stuck – sometimes defeated. Or we tell ourselves…

…We’re not ready anyway for the change we seek. 

…It’s not time yet to shop for new clothes. We have to lose the weight first. 

…We’ll wait for spring to update our wardrobe. It’s cold anyway. We can live in last year’s winter clothes and we’ll get by just fine.

…Once we get the new job, we’ll refresh our office wardrobe.

…We’ll buy ourselves a pretty evening dress when we get invited somewhere... some time…soon?

It’s fascinating how we compartmentalize and rationalize certain things in our minds, and in that process, we subconsciously make the choice to delay things that may nurture our confidence, and bring us happiness and fulfillment. 

Just imagine if as babies, we told ourselves we’ll wait until our feet can magically start walking to get around our tiny little world. “You know… One day when these feet are ready to walk, they’ll lift this entire body of mine from the floor and will get me straight to my baby chair, riiight over there.” Do you hear how silly that sounds? 

Baby steps are crucial. So start before you’re “ready”. 

Taking the tiniest action today towards a goal IS real change in its infancy stage.

Everything takes practice, effort, and good intentions. And personal style is no exception. Your style should be a reflection of the evolution of you, as a human being, and understanding where you are in your life. 

So perhaps, instead of waiting for a reason to invest in you, you can start to create it for yourself now. 

Introducing or incorporating a new sense of style can begin as subtly as investing in a new perfume or a new watch. Or maybe it’s buying and wearing that preciously good-looking dress that’s sitting in your online cart. 

If you’ve been craving to embody a different version of you, to feel aligned with who you are today, then you’re ready, darling. 

No more delaying. 

No more deprivation.