Should I Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?


Workshop attendees and clients ask us the following question very often: “Should I create separate Instagram accounts for my creative outlets/businesses?”

As creatives, it’s normal to have multiple projects, initiatives, businesses, and side-hustles we’re actively nurturing all at once. And, it can be challenging to get clear on how to organize content to effectively reach the audience you want to serve, so here’s what we have to say:

1. It all depends on the types of businesses— if your offerings have drastically different purposes in totally different industries, then it is best to promote them separately. You want to think about your ideal audience and create branding strategies that will speak to them and align with their interests, not confuse them. Alignment is key! Which brings up the next point. 

2. You are the face of your brand whether you are offering a product or a service. So essentially who you are and all the various interests and skills you have are why your brand exists in the first place. Why only showcase some when you can highlight all of what makes you and your story unique?

Example: Say for instance, you are a jewelry + wall accessory designer, who always had a keen eye for home decor styling. You have been unofficially styling the homes and spaces of everyone around you in your spare time and now want to offer it as a separate service. Does it need to be a separate business with a new social media account? No. Why? Alignment. Home decor still falls within the realm of aesthetics and because you’ve been designing wall accessories in addition to making and selling jewelry pieces, you’ve done the groundwork for establishing your sense of style and expertise in design and accessorizing! Adding that extra layer to your brand will only seem like a natural progression in your creative journey. 

Keep your IG and slowly start to introduce your audience to the refined direction of your brand, tell them why this feels right, your vision, what type of content they can expect going forward. If your website is getting revamped, tell them when it will relaunch, go to your stories and take them through the pages where they can find your products and services … get them excited! 

3. As creatives and business owners— but mostly as humans— it’s important to remember that we’re multifaceted beings, we’re constantly evolving, and personal transformations are part of the game. We pretty much get to decide if something we enjoyed doing yesterday/last month/two years ago no longer feels right today. It is okay to want to integrate into a multi-layer brand and to want to refine the original concept of your idea or business. It means you are/your business is growing and you are finding your re-alignment and what an amazing phase to be in! 

Tip: Shake off the Imposter Syndrome! Your experiences and body of work (i.e.friends buying/wearing your creations or bank colleagues applying your life-coaching tips) speak for themselves and are all the expertise your ideal clientele needs. 

4. If your businesses don’t align at all, separate Instagram accounts are most likely best! But maybe this means that your personal IG is where you take your followers along on your entrepreneurial journey and life in general. Your personal brand can encompass all of you —but that doesn’t mean that all of you has to be shared on your Instagram/social media accounts. 

Be intentional and outline your pillars of content, in other words, what are the key themes that will best serve your personal brand as an umbrella and best leverage both businesses?

Tell us, have you pondered this question before? We hope this provides some clarity if you’ve been thinking about how to leverage Instagram to promote all the amazing things you’ve got going on in your world.