SEO | How To Get More Traffic To Your Website


Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO can be an entrepreneur’s best friend or worst enemy. How do I get more people to my website? There are a million and one listicles spouting off how to get better SEO for your website and they all have great information. What I am going to talk about today are three tips that you can immediately utilize to get more traffic to your website. First, a disclaimer: No amount of SEO will convert to paying customers if you are not sharing valuable information. Making sharable and helpful content consistently will attract people to what you are offering.

Think about your own searching habits

When you go to Google to search for something, look at what you type. If you have a pork tenderloin in your freezer and you don’t know what to do with it (I speak from personal experience), you wouldn’t go to and just type “pork tenderloin”. You would type “How do I cook pork tenderloin?” or “pork tenderloin recipe”. Make the title of your blog post what you would think someone would type into a search engine. The original title of this post was “SEO is dead, long live SEO”. Do you think someone would type that into Google? Nope. Hence the title you see above.

Step by step (oh, baby, gonna get to you, girl)

People want quick answers so tutorial posts will definitely get more hits than a long, editorial piece. Again, think of your own searching habits. What would you rather read? Break down your post into quick, actionable steps. The more value you provide, the more readers will trust you and come back for more.

Tell me something new

If you can answer something that you know isn’t getting talked about online, you will show yourself to be an authority on the subject. Look at what people ask you frequently and search those same questions online. If you see you’re not getting any answers through your searches, write a blog post about it.