O Style: Why Personal Style is a Confidence Builder


I feel like I am going to sound like a broken record by saying the following, but this is true.over.and.over.and.over. Ready? 

You are YOUR BRAND. Your personality, your voice, your presence, how you talk, write, and engage with your audience/clients/consumers on- and off-line are all components of your brand. But, do you know what else is part of your brand? Your personal style

What you wear says a lot about you and how you want to be perceived in the world. Clothing has done this for centuries. It’s nothing new. Clothing has a functional purpose, but the clothing you wear also makes a statement – be it socio-political activism, expressing individuality, self-love, self-care, or showcasing your heritage and pride. Powerful statements are made by the clothing you wear. They are a useful tool when one understands and appreciates their value and knows to both respect and have fun with them. 

And I think that’s the keyword – FUN!

In my experience with styling, people are often quick to tell me when I ask them about their style, “Oh me?! I don’t have a personal style.” Or, “I have zero sense of style... all I wear is ______”, but here’s the catch: we all have one. It won’t necessarily be reflected back to me by taking a quick glance at their closet or by the clothes they currently own. But more often than not, after a bit of probing and asking questions, there’s just enough to help me nail down their style preferences and shopping habits. Their personal style has always been there; the wardrobe just needs some fine-tuning and a buttload of feel-good items.

Because clothing does bring up different feelings in people, some positive, some negative, some joyful, some guilt-filled, some disappointing or disheartening – or sometimes it’s the whole gamut. I get that many of us have had/have complicated relationships with our bodies. 

So I’m here to tell you, rather than looking at personal style as a chore or some emotional energy sucking task, what if you looked at what you wear from a place of wanting to feel joy, happiness, alignment, and authenticity. 

Because, honestly, what you wear WEARS you! So if you’re wearing things that don’t give you an ounce of joy (you did say you have “zero sense of style”), that sad, miserable feeling (although manageable throughout your day) will permeate your self-confidence daily, impacting how you present yourself and your business.

Tiny changes such as cleaning up and getting rid of items that no longer align with who you are, and staying consistent with styles that have always flattered your body and made you feel great, are all it takes to feel grounded and confident in your personal style. 

Whether you are selling a service or a product, your brand presence should always stir up a feeling – What do you want yours to be? And what do you want to wear SO YOU lead that charge? 

To get your stylish wheels turning, here are some adjectives you can start to think about to fine-tune your wardrobe and feel more in alignment:























____Or Fill in your brand qualities if you have them ready. 

Now, go through your closet and use your selection of words as criteria for what clothing is staying and what’s leaving! 

A little bit of intentionality and re-alignment in your closet will not only enhance the view you have of your personal style but will help you build up your brand’s confidence AND presence.