O Style | The Confidence To Hustle Less

We want to share our thoughts on the word "hustle." For quite some time now, our team has stayed clear from using that term when we speak or write. We don't take pride in using that word because we realized that hustling is an approach that is not sustainable over time. Hustling 24/7 is not an effective way of doing/running a business.

The Urban Dictionary's definition of "hustle" is:

To have the courage, confidence, self-belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

Examples: I need to hustle to make it as a musician

You gotta hustle to get that job you want.

We believe that "hustling" is meant to be a temporary stage. For instance, when you're just starting up in your business or creative endeavor. Perhaps it's working a full-time job during the day while working on your business on weeknights and weekends. We've done it and understand that the word encompasses sacrifices, commitment, focus, dedication, and hard work to make a dream happen.

However, hustling now should be so you don't have to in the future. An ongoing hustle mindset adheres to the fact that you need to work hard all the time to get what you want. It glamorizes the idea that a high level of productivity and fatigue equates quality output, or guarantees success, or is the only way to reach your goals.

Our team prefers to lean on the idea of working and thriving when it comes to our business and creative projects. We prefer to take action and be intentional with how we spend our time. We lead that charge knowing that we are channeling our energy exactly where it needs to go. It's about feeling secure and confident enough to say yes to the right projects/opportunities and no to the ones that are not in alignment.

To be continually hustling feels like we are also undervaluing our worth, the gifts we have presently, and how far we've come. Without caution, it can be very easy to allow it to mask all you've been able to accomplish or to define what success means to you, or even worse, to dictate the essence of your work.

Don't get us wrong, are there times when we need to hustle to meet deadlines or gather the team for an impromptu conference call to hash out a contract? Heck yes! What we're NOT saying here is that passivity, or complacency, or saying 'no' at an opportunity out of fear is the way to go.

What we are saying, instead, is to know precisely what you're hustling for. There are seasons in our business that require us to work a little harder, knowing it is only temporary. We much prefer to operate from a place of sustainability in the long-run. And for us that means, to be intentional in our process, to be selective while remaining ambitious, to pace ourselves, to be well and at peace mentally, physically and emotionally – overall to thrive and flow. As creatives and business owners, it's more about the journey and lessons learned along the way and most importantly our quality of life today and tomorrow, than it is about the destination.

But if you find yourself in a constant hustling mode and can’t seem to find a solution, perhaps it’s time to ask for help.

Would you agree? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the word "hustle" and what your relationship with the definition has been!