O Style | Authenticity Is Not Something To Aim For

There comes a time when each one of us wonders how much is too much when it comes to sharing bits and pieces of our work and our lives online. Anyone who is nurturing their personal brand and is using Instagram to market their business or blog asks themselves this question.

We’ve been there too, so we totally understand when clients voice out this particular concern with us during a deep dive-in session. 

When it comes to telling the story of your brand, it is often the personal stories and experiences that will make you relatable and connect with your audience. With that said, the TBE team believes in putting intention and focus on the areas that most align with your brand message and goals. In fact, not everything needs to be shared online; however, anything can be shared as long as it complements your message and adds to the value you bring to your audience.

My journey of posting and sharing on Instagram has gone through its own evolution. When I first joined Instagram, my original posts were sporadic and random. A photo with multiple filters (lol it was the trend then) from a vacation trip, an inspiration repost, a picture of a handbag I liked at a store, nature, etc... When I launched my blog is when I began to post more looks, but even then, I didn’t have any clear direction. Occasionally I would add family and event photos to the mix. 


Then I became a personal stylist, launched my website, and slowly transitioned my Instagram feed into a more professional-looking account by posting photos from projects and photoshoots, including behind-the-scenes to show what it’s like to be a stylist.


As life goes on and my work evolves and expands, changes do happen. I always find myself having to find that balance between how much I want to share and how much I want to keep private. The value I want to bring to my audience keeps on getting refined as I go. That’s just a reflection of my growth, both personally and professionally. 

There are core elements to me that will always be present through my feed. Knowing what they are have helped me keep my personal brand aligned and focused. These elements have become my themes on my platform and are an important part of me, so I am unapologetic about posting or talking about them; they are:

  • Entrepreneurship + Brand

  • Style + Fashion 

  • Motherhood + Lifestyle

  • Family + Sisterhood

  • Friendships

  • Roots + Culture

They serve as guidelines for me and allow me to focus on what really matters, and gets me to create thoughtful connection and meaningful engagement with my followers. 


A few months ago, I shared on IG stories that I was debating deleting all my posts and starting fresh. Some people DM’ed me that they felt the same way about their feed. Then I got a message from another follower telling me that being able to see my work was growing and evolving was a source of inspiration for her, and to keep the old posts. 

I totally appreciated that insight from someone who has been following me, It reinforced the fact that my feed is a visually authentic reflection of my timeline as a creative, who wears many hats, and that is worth celebrating! 

Authenticity is not something to aim for; just being ourselves and sharing with real intent is what’s important. It comes down to quality over quantity.

So, will my feed always be ever-evolving? Yes, absolutely! I totally expect it to go through another wave of transformation in 2020. 

Are there things I would like to improve or be better at? Yes, absolutely! Consistency and content planning are two of my biggest obstacles. I know, you’re probably wondering, “how the hell does this happen when you are out here creating content for TBE and clients? You’re an expert at this!” I know! And this is why this is on my area-to-improve list. 

I want to continue to view this platform as a platform where I get to explore my creativity, connect with brilliant minds, and be inspired. Adopting a mindset of learning and curiosity and sharing value with others is all the encouragement I need.

So, let’s all make a pact to continue to show up as ourselves and use the social media platforms available to us as an opportunity to share messages and stories that are true and important to us. Let’s lean into our humanity and vulnerability and truly connect with one another as we individually embrace our own journies and evolve.