It Doesn’t Mean I Love You Any Less | A Love Note To Friends & Family Who May Be Wondering Why I’m Calling Less Often


As entrepreneurs, building not one, but two emerging businesses at the same time, and nurturing relationships with our partners, families, children/nieces/nephews, incredible friends, mentors, and clients, while striving to meet project deadlines, tend to all the pieces of our individual businesses, plus our joint venture, and keep our other interests & initiatives alive, while making it a priority to have fun along the way, we’ve noticed a recurring theme among our friends and family: the feeling of distance, or loss, and unmet expectation. This note is one of unconditional love, to those who may be feeling confused or slighted — to those who are currently in our shoes — and to ourselves.

Living in this age of technological advancement, social media attention, and instant gratification, we’re exposed to quick snippets of other people’s lives. These tools are awesome and empowering and unbelievably valuable, as they provide us with the platform to build relationships (business & personal) with people all over the world. We are beyond grateful for these tools — without them, we certainly wouldn’t have a business empowering fellow creative entrepreneurs to maximize these resources for their own businesses, BUT there is another side to this technology-advancement-coin. And, it’s this: 15 second video increments only tell a fraction of the story. As humans, we fill in the blanks with the rest based on our own self-oriented perceptions. (You see, we’re all selfishly oriented — it’s not a bad thing, it’s simply the way we experience the world: through our own individual lenses). What gets us in trouble is when we perceive another’s action or inaction means something else.

We’re writing this today to remind you: it doesn’t mean we love you any less.  

As our lives get more full, and we add more to our proverbial plates, it’s only natural for priorities to shift to accommodate each new area of concentration. Among the three of us, we manage: 15 email accounts, 6 calendars (plus, coordinating meeting dates and shoot days for our clients), an average of 5 potential new client inquiries per week, dozens of phone calls per day, 10 photoshoots per month, 5 networking events per month, etc. Plus, regular date nights with our partners, quality one-on-one time with our off-spring, extended family, and friends, tidy homes, clean laundry, fuel in our bellies, inspiring content in our brains, consistent time on the meditation cushion, vigorous exercise, etc.

You get the idea …

So, when:

  • It takes me a week to email you back, please know, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

  • I may need to reschedule our tea date (multiple times), please know, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

  • You think to yourself, gee, we used to talk once a day, now, we only connect once a week, please know, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

  • Our monthly get-togethers are now happening once a quarter, or once a year, please know, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

  • Your birthday card, thank you note, or gift arrives a little late, please know, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

We love you,
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