How We Stay Confident In Our Business


There are a few things at TBE that we do to be confident in our business---Check them out! 

1. Alignment in everything we do. Knowing our values and our ideal audience guides our decision-making and process, which essentially keeps us all grounded and focused. 

2. Maintaining an editorial calendar and committing to share value with you all as much as we possibly can, while remaining flexible and aware of things happening around us and in the world. 

3. Using project management tools like Asana increases our productivity by helping us be most efficient with our time so that our energy goes to all the right places, keeping us all on track.  

4. A great relationship with our accountant who cares and wants to see our business succeed.

5. Celebrating all milestones, big and small. If you watch our stories, you've probably noticed by now that some of us have mastered champagne bottle opening. With Patsy on our team, it's damn hard not to see the joy and gratitude in everything we do and celebrate who we are as individuals! 

6. We prioritize self-care and encourage one another to take time off. When we're in good shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally, we show up as the best versions of ourselves. And creativity flows so much better!

7. Surrounding ourselves with a variety of professionals, creatives, and innovators, we can learn a great deal from, and whose work and vision inspires our own. 

8. Take risks, try new things, and embrace obstacles as opportunities for growth and transformation. 

Tell us in the comments --- What do you do to be confident in your business?