How to Incorporate Gratitude into your Brand Experience


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be fun to talk about the benefits of incorporating gratitude into your brand.

Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around celebrations at my grandparents’ dining room table in Maine – cake, silly hats, wacky games.

Our family lived by the motto, 'It’s all about the experience.' My mom and grandmother turned every birthday, holiday, minor achievement — including the first day of school & last day of school, and the dog's birthday — into a reason to celebrate. From them, I learned that boxed lunches comprised of the simplest ingredients (PB&J on white bread) could be turned into a spectacular dining experience if cut using adorable cookie cutters. Handwritten notes, handmade Valentines, thoughtful gift wrap, also had a large influence on my way of being. These seemingly inconsequential special touches made me feel loved and well-cared for. Over the years, I witnessed how others were touched by these same small gestures, thoughtful notes, and random acts of kindness my mom and grandmother consistently delivered. They were often unexpected but wholeheartedly appreciated by each recipient.

I’ve carried this ethos into every event I help plan and brand I help build. The most memorable brands are in fact, “all about the experience,” — your brand is the sum of each customer interaction with every touchpoint — from in-person meetings, to email correspondence, to packaging & onboarding processes, to how you show up online, everything must be clear, cohesive and consistent throughout.  

Because when businesses infuse the same level of care and detail into their brands that my mom and grandmother demonstrated to be so impactful in everyday life, they have the opportunity to set themselves apart and ensure their prospects and clients feel seen, heard, appreciated, and well-cared for — which, in turn, leads to positive client reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and lifelong friends & customers.

... Which includes being thoughtful about building gratitude notes and/or gifts into your brand experience for your clients — and vendor partners too. Here are some ideas to help the brainstorming process:

Touchpoints for sharing gratitude

  • Thank you for your purchase

  • Welcome & thank you for joining my program

  • Something to celebrate your clients' growth milestones and achievements   

  • A new client referral

  • It has been a pleasure working with you this year (seasonal)

Choose something that supports your vibe & message

  • Revisit your brand values to get started: ex. celebration, connection & collaboration

  • Then ask yourself, what products or services invoke celebration, connection & collaboration?

Get personal

  • Think about products or services you love and attach a personal note explaining why you love it so much

  • Extra special: come up with something that the receiver would love

Handwritten notes

  • Living in an age where digital technology is the main form of communication, there is something even more meaningful about receiving a handwritten note in the mail; in our fast-paced world, knowing that you’ve taken the time to put pen to paper and write something personal can create major impact

So, tell us, in the comments below, do you have a gifting or gratitude practice in place? We’d love to hear some of your ideas. We’re ever-so-grateful for your readership, love & support.