How to Create Compelling Captions for Instagram


Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just spent an excessive amount of time scrolling through the photos in your library and have finally decided on an image ‘worthy’ of posting. You edit it, then upload it to the Instagram app. Phew. Now, what the heck to write? {You stare blankly at a blinking cursor}.

If so, you’re not alone. We tend to put far too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to posting captions because we want them to be compelling, spark conversation, and invoke engagement.

The good news: captions don’t need to be complicated in order to be compelling.

Here are some ideas to take the pressure off:


1. Share a meaningful short story.


2. Use humor.


3. Ask questions.


. Share helpful content.


5. Share #BTS action.


6. Talk about things that inspire you.


7. Share your services.


When it comes time to write your caption, ask yourself one of my favorite questions of all time, “what if it was easy?”

That might look like something as simple as — “what are you up to this weekend?” — do it. That question will give people a reason to comment on your photos, because Instagram is a place to cultivate engagement and share in real life conversations, after all.