How to Create a Content Strategy for Instagram


We all know that beautiful, high-quality images are just the first step in catching the attention of your ideal client on Instagram — the bigger challenge we often hear from busy entrepreneurs is, “I don’t even know where to begin. I have so much to say, but no idea what to post.” Without a strategy in place, this whole IG-posting-thing can quickly become stressful and overwhelming, and that’s the last thing we know you need as a boss who is juggling all the things.

So, today, we hope to provide a bit of direction when it comes to getting clear on what to post.

Here’s the deal: every business has a wealth of brilliant content to share on Instagram — it’s just a matter of dedicating a little attention and intention to the following before getting started: declare your goals, identify your sweet spot, choose a few key themes and content categories to build consistent content around.

First things first, what are your goals?

Here are some common ones to get your brain waves moving:

  • Share your products and/or services

  • Build your community

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Illustrate company culture and values

  • Engage with potential customers

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Share company news and updates

Declare one or two goals for your IG platform. To help decide which goals make the most sense for you, consider the following questions:

  • Why are you using Instagram, anyway? Because everyone says you should, or because you see the value it can provide? Consider how Instagram is different to other platforms and how you can use those differences to your advantage.

  • How can Instagram assist you in achieving your overall marketing goals? Are you cross promoting, or using the platform to promote and in-person meet-up or live event?

Here at The Branding Edit (TBE) we have two main goals for our Instagram marketing strategy:

  1. To engage with potential customers
    { Our weekly branding, social media, and photography tips and editorial blog posts are created specifically with our ideal clients in mind. Our intention is to create valuable, free content to get you, (our ideal clients), thinking about how you can maximize your exposure and begin supporting more of your ideal clients right away. }

  2. To build and nurture an engaged community of entrepreneurs looking to refine their brands, maximize their impact, and support one another in the process
    { Our entrepreneurial journey photos are intended to illustrate that we know right where our ideal clients are, because we too, are busy entrepreneurs building our businesses from the ground up. Our message: we’re all in this together. }

Define your sweet spot

Your sweet spot lies at the intersection of something you have (skill, strength, product, etc.), something they (customer) need (skill, strength, product, etc.) and whom you want to serve (your ideal client).

Spend some time identifying your ideal client (if you haven’t done this exercise, or revisited it in a while - there is always room to refine, see: 5 Prompts for Getting Clear on Your Ideal Client).

Now, reflect on your ideal audience. What do they want to learn about? What do they struggle with or wonder about? What do they find interesting?  

Then, begin listing all the topics related to your area of expertise.

Now, define your key themes.

Narrow it down to three-five main content themes that are related to your unique strengths
AND what your ideal audience wants to learn about. (Hint: these areas of content should lead to your product or service).

Here at The Branding Edit our key content themes are branding, entrepreneurship, visual storytelling.

Lastly, it’s time to select your content categories…

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Audience-generated content

  • Product demos / showcase

  • Educational (e.g. the best social media tips)

  • Culture focused (showing the human side of your company)

  • Fun / lighthearted

  • Customer stories

  • Get to know the team

  • Team member takeovers

Think about the message your brand represents (the key themes you just identified) and tie any of these categories back to your message, each and every time you post. This will provide your following with a level of expectation and the consistency they’ll soon fall in love with.

Let us know in the comments below about the key themes and content categories you’ve come up with! Cheers to making more meaning and impact! We’re in this together.