How To Create A Compelling Bio


When it comes to connecting with your ideal audience on social media, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to understand who you are and what they can expect to receive from you right away. 

This all starts with your bio. 

Since Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for forming genuine connections with your audience, we're going to share some simple tips for crafting a compelling bio that connects.

Instagram provides you with just 150-characters to work with to get your point across, which can be a bit of a challenge for those of us who tend to be on the wordy side, but an excellent challenge none the less because we all make decisions in about .005 seconds flat. Thank you, Instagram, for forcing us to


Your Name

Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers in search queries. So, this means, if your username is not your name, be sure to add it to the name field so WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. If your username is your name, then consider using the name field as an opportunity to describe what you do.

What you do

Even if you don't choose to use the namespace as the place to tell us what you do, for the love of all that's HOLY, use some of the remaining characters to do so. Instagram is an incredible FREE tool that will help you grow your following and attract more business, but hey, guess what? People need to know what you do in order to want to do business with you.


Since Instagram is the third most popular search engine after Google and YouTube, it's important to tell the world where you are. Say your ideal client goes searching for a wedding photographer and come across your stunning wedding photography feed, falls in love with your aesthetic and is ready to book, but doesn't even know if it's possible because your location is missing… GAH. Palm in face moment. You risk losing that business to another photographer who is super clear upfront about where they are located and whether or not they're willing to travel, (even though you could be right around the corner). If you're located in a city most of the time, but willing to travel, for the love of GOD, tell us! Make it easy for your prospective clients to book!

^ Christy and George of Eisley Images use the namespace to tell their audience exactly where they’re located.

Don't forget to show your personality

The simplest way to do this is to write the way you would talk. People want to feel like the person they interact with IRL is the same person(ality) they interact with on the screen. 

^ We love this example from Amy Young. If you watch her stories, or you've met her in person, her bio totally matches what you get IRL. She gets straight to the point and dishes out tough love with a smile and is funny AF. Her bio gives you a taste of that. And, it's also confirmed as soon as you tap on an image in her feed, a Story in her highlights, or on her IG Story of the day. 

Create a call to action

Whether this is a free download or an invitation to drop you a personal note. Give people a way to interact with you beyond the gram and tell them how to get in touch. Instagram has a ton of magical powers, but it's not everything. So decide what journey you want to your audience to take, then invite them to come along. 

^ Tyler always delivers a tremendous amount of value to his followers, and his FREE INSTAGRAM ROADMAP is the perfect lead into how you can work with him going forward. 

We hope these tips have been helpful and you’re feeling inspired to take action! If so, we invite you to take a screenshot of your revised bio, add in to your Instagram Story, and tag @thebrandingedit … we might just surprise you with something cool if you share your efforts with us!