How To Be Confident On Camera


We're visual beings. We eat with our eyes first. We (can) fall in love at first sight (supposedly). We prefer visual content over text-based content. 94% of us, actually. And that stat is from 2018. We're nearing 100% of image-based content being what we want to interact with first.

We're also emotional beings. We want to connect with the people around us. We shop emotionally. Brands that connect with consumers on a personal level gain life-long customers. If you're going to attract customers, you have to put yourself out there

That means you need to show up in front of the camera. It doesn't matter who is holding it, but your face needs to have a presence online.

Some of you may be saying to yourself, "I already do that!" That's what we like to hear!

Some of you may be saying to yourself, "I know that already, and I'm trying to get over my fears." We're proud of you for trying!

Some of you may be saying to yourself, "I don't think me being on camera is important. My work speaks for itself." Well, we respectfully disagree, beautiful person, reading this blog post right now.

People are going to spend their money on people they feel emotionally connected to. You can have two people doing the exact same thing. Services and prices are right on par with each other. But, one person has their face all over their website and social media. The other does not. They have a name in their bio. That's nice, but there is no additional information that a real person is behind the brand. Who would you hire?

OK. Hopefully, by now, we've convinced you of the importance of showing that fabulous face of yours online. Here are tips on how you can get more confident in front of the camera.

On Video: Pretend you're talking to a friend

The quickest way to connect with anyone is to speak in your authentic voice. When you know your audience is filled with strangers who could be judging you (Spoiler: They're not judging you and if they are, check their socials to see if they are showing up on video. They're most likely not.) and watching every move you make, pretend you're FaceTiming with your best friend. Pretending you're talking to yourself is going to make you feel silly. Instead, pick up the camera and talk like you are sharing value with your closest friends. It will take the pressure off and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

In a photo session: Laugh your way through it

Brittanny, our resident photographer, can spot a fake smile a mile away. What's the giveaway? Your eyes. You can be sporting a giant smile, but if it's not reflected in your eyes, you are forcing it. Start laughing, and it will bring a smile to your eyes. A fake laugh will lead to a real laugh because you will feel ridiculous doing it, but it works! Also, on the topic of laughing, enjoy yourself! Getting your photos taken shouldn't feel like a laborious process. Sure, if you're not used to getting your picture taken, it could feel a little awkward, but if you go into it wanting to have a great time, it will reflect in the photos.

In any circumstance where a camera is involved: Your body language matters

If you show up live and you can't make eye contact with the lens, you will look not only you're unsure about yourself but that you are uncertain about your content. If you're in a photo session and you're hunched over, and your body is continually facing away from the camera, it looks like you're a little scared to be there. Stand up tall and throw your shoulders back. Look right into the lens like you're meant to be there. Speak with conviction about your services and the value you deliver to your customers. 

Try out these tips next time you’re showing up on camera, and be sure to tag us at @thebrandingedit. We’d love to check it out!