From the Desk of TBE | Mindset


Happy November! It’s a new month, which means we’ll be diving into a brand new topic here on the TBE blog. Any guesses about what it might be?

Hint: The thing that will hold you back and yeh thing that will set you free. 

Without the right mindset, everything can go downhill real fast. I have (Brittanny here) a ton of things to say about mindset but I need to save that for my Tough Love Tuesdays.

This month we’ll be diving into the theme of mindset. Personally, I’m glad that mindset is the theme because everything we’ve been talking about the past months really just sums up, that we all need to work on our mindset. Not having the confidence or the clarity or feeling like you don’t know how to be authentic really just comes from not having the right mindset. The stories we’re telling ourselves are what is holding us back. It’s easy to listen to the limiting voices in our heads. It’s easy to listen to your family members or friends who don’t agree with what you’re doing. It’s easy to not try. It’s hard to choose to think differently. It’s even harder to act on those new thoughts.

Join us this month as we dive into all things mindset. You will learn different techniques for you to change yours and how we keep our mindsets on track when life is throwing bullshit our way. Our hope is that by the end of this month not only has your mindset changed but that it will help you go into the last month of this decade ready to charge into the next one as a completely different person.

Let’s do this, shall we?! Be sure to drop us a line on Instagram, find us in the DMs, or shoot us a note at if this mindset talk inspires an a-ha moment or something you want to share. We love hearing from you!

With love & gratitude,
Brittanny, Patsy & Olivia