From The Desk of TBE | Confidence


The number one thing we hear from our clients after our work together is the level of confidence they feel about sharing the value of their product or service. By definition, "confidence is the feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities, or qualities, or state of feeling certain about the truth of something."

When you're confident, other people will BELIEVE you and want to be part of the thing you're creating.

Just think about the brands, podcasts, authors and speakers that are inspiring to you and are a source of motivation in your life and business - perhaps what draws you to them is what they are saying, creating, sharing and how it relates to you and your daily life. But underneath their stories are their confidence and unequivocal belief in their product/service/message to tell these stories and consistently show up -- which is key.

From small to large companies, we believe that size doesn't matter in the affairs of confidence -- it is the leadership and culture within a company that helps build up the confidence from the ground up, weaved into its branding, then out into the world -- and who creates the culture? It's people! You! Us! From a one-person show to a 500 employee-run company, how everyone shows up and represents the brand will make an impact on the business.

TBE is kicking off this month of August with the theme of CONFIDENCE. Because what better topic to get us rolling into September, a.k.a back-to-school-back-to-work month, with power and rising determination to give it our best yet!

So let's talk about the people-- the culture within who make up the brand! Let's talk about us, business owners! More specifically you, us, our clients and communities close and far that emulate confidence inside and out --how do they do it, and the ways to get there when we don't know how.

This month we'll put the focus on what it takes to rise up and take space with confidence, to be your brand's biggest ambassador/salesperson, and lead with poise. Most of all, we'll learn together as we share personal stories, conversations and interviews with people whose bold presence (both online and offline) inspire others.

We hope all this confidence talk is stirring up your appetite and that you're ready --- because it's officially Confidence UNLEASHED month on the TBE blog!


Brittanny, Patsy & Olivia