From the Desk of TBE | Clarity


During the month of August, we went all-in on the theme of confidence because the number one thing we hear from our clients after our work together is the level of confidence they have when sharing the value of their product or service. If you’ve been following along, you know we focused on what it takes to rise up and take up space with confidence, to be your brand’s biggest ambassador/salesperson, and lead with poise. Most of all, we learned together as we shared personal stories, conversations, and interviews with people whose bold presence (both online and offline) inspire others. And, danggg, are we feeling good as a result. We hope you are too!


This month, we’re switching gears and talking about the number one thing that we believe draws people to work with us — drum roll, please— the desire for CLARITY. We all know this to be true: When you have an idea, but don’t know how to bring it to life, the more the idea remains an idea and never becomes a fully realized product, service, or offer. Lack of clarity prevents us from taking action and can keep us in a cycle of stuckness. But, we’ve come to realize that taking action is actually what invites clarity in and therefore brings an idea to life.


Marie Forleo says, “clarity comes from engagement,” and we couldn’t agree more. To reach clarity, you have to take action. Engage with the idea: talk about it with your friends, talk about it with strangers, tease and test the concept in some small way. Ask questions, poll your family, experiment. The feedback you receive will help you see your way forward more quickly — even if that feedback isn’t what you hoped it would be. We need others to help us see what we can’t because we’re too close to it. Sometimes a simple question from another can trigger a lightning bolt of clarity. 


When our clients first sit down for a Perceive It Session, we’ve already invited them to answer a series of questions. Then, we spend two hours diving deep into the heart of their mission, vision, values — what a perfect day might look like for them, what their idea of success is — and why their idea is important to them. This back-and-forth exchange helps us help them see more clearly what they actually want and then provides us with a jumping-off point to explore all the ways in which they can make it happen. 


As someone who was on a mission to uncover my higher purpose the greater part of my adult life, I know what it feels like to walk around confused, spinning, and downright frustrated for not having “figured it out yet.” What I’ve come to understand after thousands of hours spent doing the inner work to uncover what makes me me, is that the answers don’t need to be mined for. They are found in the present moments when we slow down enough to listen to what our inner voice (that quiet, greater-than-us-part-of-us) wants us to hear. We are now paying attention to the language of the Universe, which often delivers the answers to us through things like conversations with other people, phrases shouted by passers-by on the street, song lyrics on the radio, messages on billboards, etc. And, when we embrace the uncertainty and chaos, it’s easy to identify what we don’t want, which will enable us to get clear on what we do want.


So, this month, we invite you to come along with us as we explore avenues for gaining clarity in business and in life, the most significant transformations we’ve witnessed in our lives and the lives of others as a result of getting clear, and how to navigate and withstand the messy middle of trial and error and experimentation before the clarity lightning bolt strikes. It’s officially CLARITY month on the TBE blog!


On behalf of all of us here at TBE, we love you, we appreciate you, and we can’t wait to spend the month of September getting clear with you!