From the Desk of TBE | Authenticity

Happy October! It’s a new month, which means we’ll be diving into a brand new topic here on the TBE blog. Any guesses about what it might be? 

It’s a topic that comes up in almost every client interaction, during our workshops, and just as often among ourselves.

Hint: it has to do with honesty and transparency and dropping the facade to get REAL, REAL.

Yep, this month we’ll be talking about AUTHENTICITY. 

As we step into the last 90 days of the year, it seems appropriate to check the authenticity barometer against our intentions and goals. Are the things we’re holding ourselves to actually aligned with where we go and authentic to who we are? 

We’ve all had interactions with brands whose values are incongruent with their actions. And, dang, that feeling is so disappointing, isn’t it? You can’t fake authenticity; in fact, fakeness is the exact opposite of authenticity. 

So as we unpack the topic of authenticity, we’ll also talk about situations where we can lose our authenticity when we let others’ actions dictate our own. 

Being honest with your customers shows them that their respect is important to you. Transparency elevates the humanness of your brand and makes it easier for your customers to connect with you on a deeper level. Should something go wrong in a future interaction, you’ve developed a mutual respect and understanding that will sustain the test of time. 

With the overwhelming amount of information, platforms, products, and services available to us all in an instant, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of sameness if you’re not doubling-down on what makes you authentically YOU.   

We’ll review brands, podcasts, authors, and speakers that are showing up authentically in their businesses - and provide you with tips, tools, resources, and personal stories that illustrate the benefit of authenticity plays in building a brand and business too. 

So let’s talk about the people. The culture within is what makes up the brand! Let’s talk about us, business owners! More specifically you, us, our clients and communities close and far that emulate confidence inside and out -- how do they do it, and the ways to get there when we don’t know how.

This month we’ll put the focus on what it takes to rise up and take space with confidence, to be your brand’s biggest ambassador/salesperson, and lead with poise. Most of all, we’ll learn together as we share personal stories, conversations, and interviews with people whose bold presence (both online and offline) inspire others.

We genuinely and authentically (see what we did there, wink) hope you’ll find this topic valuable and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, as well. Be sure to drop us a line on Instagram, find us in the DMs, or shoot us a note at


Brittanny, Patsy & Olivia