Five Ways To Utilize Instagram Stories


If you haven't heard by now, Instagram Stories is the place to be. Instagram, and their parent company, Facebook, are really pushing video to be at the forefront of both platforms. Insta Stories, IG Stories, or The Stories, no matter what you call it, they are a fantastic platform for building a deeper connection with your followers. Here are five ways to utilize IG Stories to show more your personality and build more engagement with your followers.

Follow Friday (or Anyday)

Remember the Follow Fridays that used to happen on Twitter? Well, it's back and thriving on Instagram Stories. You can shout out other accounts that you love, clients who are killing it on the platform, or people you want to connect with. Last year I would share accounts of women I wanted to work with that did not know I existed. 95% of those women followed me back with the majority of them thanking me for the shoutout, checking out my work, and expressing interest in working with me. It is as easy as screenshotting their profile and tagging them or you could go the extra mile like @maddiegreer did and make these lovely collages in an app like Unfold and tell a little story about why she likes this person so much.

follow friday.png

Behind The Scenes

Sometimes you want to keep your Instagram caption brief or you have a specific story you want to share, but there is so much more to the photo you want your followers to hear. Try what @rachmartino is fantastic at which is telling a behind the scenes story of the photo in your Stories. Your viewer can hold down the screen and read how your photo came to be!


Share Reviews

Who doesn't love receiving a testimonial, great review, or a love note about how amazing you are? Why not share it with the world! Did you just a launch a new program? Share client testimonials so people on the fence can see how your program helped out others. Have a product that is getting a lot of reviews online. Share screenshots of all your rave reviews!

glossier review.png
glossier review 2.png

Use Hashtags and Location

Using hashtags and tagging a location in your Instagram posts helps get more eyes on your feed and the same goes for IG Stories. Using both hashtags and adding a location can get your story on the community feeds. Sometimes stories of mine have ended up on the Providence story, Rhode Island story, and United States story all at the same time!


Get Followers Involved With Polls

With the addition of Stories, people have been interacting a lot more through Direct Messages. Some people still may be a little shy and won't want to slide into your DMs. A quicker way to get interaction in your posts is to add a poll. You can ask a legitmate question, be funny with it, or use it to find out what content your followers want to see more from you.

Do you use Instagram Stories for your brand? What is your favorite way of using Instagram Stories? Leave it in the comments!