Choose Your People Wisely


At any moment, when you take a leap of faith, please know that not everyone is going to make that leap with you.

Not everyone is going to understand or jump for joy.

Not everyone is going to share the same level of enthusiasm.

Not everyone is going to celebrate YOU with you.

And that's okay. It’s actually a good sign. It just means that you get to become aware and selective with whom you share this precious and vibrant energy as you go forward.

If they laugh; make snarky "jokes" or comments to make themselves feel grand(er), please know that this is not a reflection of your fiery, ambitious creative spirit; it's instead a reflection back on them and their inability to rise up to the occasion and see and believe in your potential (and theirs as well).

Because you decided to give it a try, to explore the depths of your potential and push against your own limits. And they’re not ready and that’s okay.

The timing of change, growth, and path to self-discovery is unique and personal for each one of us.

You being ready is all that matters.

I wouldn't have come this far (and kept my sanity), had I not been with the kind of partner I have, the family I have, my entire sisterhood (which goes beyond blood), friends and a community of amazing people who believe in me unequivocally.

Don’t get me wrong...I am 300% sure that there were times where a few of my people looked at me and thought to themselves "oh my, she's crazier than I thought", but I have no doubt in my mind that the next thought that followed was "she's got this. she has it in her to make this happen."

They celebrate ME with me and I am so grateful for it.

Our families and friends don’t have to understand it all. But if they can look at us and can see the vision we have for ourselves and believe that it's achievable; then they are the people we want right by our side. Because when self-doubt does show up (because it will), they'll be right there to remind us of our magnificence and the truth of our being.