Case Study | L. Marie's Wellness


When we first sat down with Loren Mendozzi of L. Marie’s Wellness, she was ready. Ready to create a brand identity that fully encompassed the vision she had for her business. You see, she had built a very successful massage therapy practice on the East Side of Providence, known as East Side Escape over the last 7 years. But what she offered was so much more than massage therapy, it was spiritual in nature. Over time, she began using a variety of healing modalities she studied as she deepened her own awakening and spiritual journey. She found her clients asking for more of these services and simultaneously felt this combination of modalities better served those who were seeking. It was time to upgrade her brand imagery to match the new vision for her business. So we got to work identifying her ideal client, brand words, and feelings she wanted people to experience when interacting with her brand.

Brand Words: healing, therapeutic, enlightened

Feelings: physically relaxed, spiritually replenished

The new imagery we captured tells this new story, and has been translated on her online channels here, here, and here.

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