And Celebrate | Authenticity, Creativity & the Art of Not Giving a F*CK about the Business Model


It’s funny how when you start to focus your energy or awareness on a theme, patterns across various conversations with different people start to emerge …  

The conversations I’ve had in the last couple of weeks with fellow creatives have centered around authenticity, creativity, and how to make money fulfilling the dream they have in their hearts. We all know it’s possible —to create from a place of authenticity and make money as a result. And, with all of the free resources at our fingertips that connect us to anyone, anywhere in the world, we can create and be seen more easily than ever while bypassing traditional pathways that were, once, the only way through. (Insert shocked face emoji here. Yeah, I know). 

Yet, still, I find more often than not, those who are pursuing creative entrepreneurship get caught up in the “but how-is-this-thing-I’m-creating-generate-the-kind-of-income-required-for me-to-pursue-this-life-of-creativity-forevermore?” 

These recent conversations have started something like …

“I’ve got this idea (message) I’m really excited to share with the world, but I’m not sure what platform to share it on, or how this will eventually become revenue-generating?” 


“I’ve been sharing my message for 5-years now. It seems to be resonating with people, but it’s still not paying my bills. If only I could reach X number of followers so that I could earn sponsorship dollars to fund this creative pursuit and say goodbye to all of these side-jobs. If only I could spend 40-hours per week creating...” 


“I’ve got evidence that this “thing” is resonating with people now. Women are connecting with this content and their lives are changing as a result, but I don’t know what the business model should be.” 

Then, this dreaded thing happens, our heads take over and cause us to spin in the place of “how is this going to make money?” and either, we never take action and share the original idea, or we stop taking action to figure it out, and lose momentum, all because we think we have to have that “how-will-this-make-money” part figured out. 

Gahhhh. Lean in, I want to tell you a secret. 

When you SHOW UP & SHARE authentically from the heart, that’s when the business model/revenue-generating opportunities will arrive! What you can get will come organically in time, when you consistently give. 

So listen up! 

Stop giving a f*ck about your future business model, and do the world a favor by SHOWING UP & SHARING. For the love of all things holy, please, just do it. When we’re authentically expressing ourselves, we give others permission to do the same. And, my theory is, when we’re all taking individual aligned action that is true to who we are, the world will be a much more harmonious place.

What does that look like? That looks like capturing what you’re already doing in real life and sharing it from this place of intention that your message will benefit or inspire the people who most need to hear it. 

Show the world how your mind works, don’t overwork your mind.

For a stylist, it could mean, batch photographing a bunch of looks to build a library of shots to easily share on social media.  

It doesn’t mean you have to invest in a whole new wardrobe or fancy equipment. You’re naturally slaying the outfit game all day. Set up the self-timer on your phone, or ask a friend, a colleague, your child, or partner to capture photos to share later. Once you’ve started to see traction, invest in a photographer and set a photoshoot date. (We know someone who can help you with that).

For an actor, it could mean turning on your webcam and recording yourself rehearsing for your next upcoming part. 

If you have an idea for your own web series, put a call out to your friends in the industry and pull your resources together to create it. 

For a writer, it could mean, writing consistently on a blog, then later turning that content into a book, then self-publishing. 

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself accountable, invite your friends, or current following to be part of the process. Create a monthly membership for your biggest fans to buy into the process for a first pass at the chapters as they unfold in real-time! 

For a photographer, it could mean, simply posting your work on Instagram.

Not sure what to post? Create mini-experiments for yourself each month, then watch what resonates with people most.

For an artist, it could mean, committing to drawing and sharing a series created using a certain medium 

The possibilities are endless. Do something that feels fun to you. Maybe it’s as simple as posting a doodle a day. 

For a coach, it could mean, showing up and sharing daily motivational clips via Instagram stories.

The topics can come from conversations and themes you’re exploring in your waking life. You don’t have to buy vlog equipment and hire a production team to get the message out there.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea … the point is, SHOW UP & SHARE. Share the things that you’re already doing, the conversations you’re already having, and the philosophies you're currently living. That’s where your authenticity lies, and that’s what will attract the money-making opportunities to you. If you keep creating from a place that feeds your soul, you won’t have to figure that part out!