5 Prompts For Getting Clear On Your Ideal Client


If you spend any time at all filling your ears with marketing & branding podcasts like I do, by now you've probably heard a number of experts go on-and-on about the importance of creating an ideal client profile. Today, I'm here to offer my 2 cents on why it's so important and provide you with 5 prompts for getting clear on the darn thing.

Several months ago, I was listening to Amy Porterfield's "Marketing Made Easy Podcast" with special guest Jasmine Star, photographer turned branding strategist for entrepreneurs. Jasmine built her world renowned photography career using the same branding and marketing strategies she now shares with creative entrepreneurs. In the episode, Jasmine enthusiastically describes Elle in great detail, of which I’ll paraphrase: Elle is a 32-year-old mother of two living in California. She grew up on her father’s goat farm where she would spend her childhood days working the farm, picking wildflowers, and letting her imagination run wild. She’s taken her childhood upbringing and crafted her values into a business selling handcrafted goat’s milk soaps. Beautifully designed. Thoughtfully prepared. While selling her soaps at local farmer’s market she was approached by a buyer from Anthropologie and was invited to have a conversation about producing a special line to be sold in store. 

When I first heard this, I was amazed at the level of detail she poured into the description. It was as if I was hearing Jasmine describe her best friend. She described way more than Elle’s demographics, she knew intimate details of her life … her values … the things that were important to her … her view on the world. When it comes to creating content that resonates deeply with your ideal client, that’s gold! In that moment, it clicked: the golden threads were revealed in the story that she told about her ideal client.

Here at The Branding Edit we’ve been using a similar process with our clients ever since. Before launching TBE we sat down to craft a story about how our individual ideal clients met. Fitting as we came together, eh? 

Chloe, Billie, & Sallee are three badass business babes who met at the Alt Summit in 2015. Each in different phases and stages of their lives and businesses, they bonded over Prosecco and entrepreneurship while sitting poolside during their downtime. After that epic weekend, they kept in touch via group chat and have been cheering each other on and holding each other accountable ever since. Women’s empowerment is important to them. And, they’re each on a mission to make the world a better place using their innate gifts and talents. 

The beauty of having this clarity helps us filter everything we write and produce by asking the question, would Chloe, Billie, and Sallee need or want to hear this?

Here are 5 of the prompts we used to build our ideal client backstory, and share with our clients at the start of The Brand Enhancement process: 

1. Lay a foundation

Jot down a quick list of demographics: age, gender, relationship status, kids/no kids, where does he/she live, what does he/she do for a living? 

2. Build the backstory

Where and how did they grow up? What were their family dynamics like? What are their values?

3. Identify their values

What drives them? Can you identify a major, or a few major pivotal moments that have defined their life path?

4. Career

What do they do? Describe the person’s business mission. 

5. Big dreams & heart strings

What hopes and dreams do they have for their life? Craft a detailed vision of where they want their life to go. What’s missing now? How can you help aid them in building their dreams, or solving their problems?

Lastly, let loose, have fun, and let your imagination run free! With an ideal client profile in place, you'll be equipped to refine your message and speak directly to your ideal clients with lasting resonance. We’d love to hear what you come up with and if you find this helpful.