Why Feedback Isn't Scary


How you receive constructive feedback will determine how you decide to move forward with the information that’s been given to you.

Feedback often comes in various forms. Sometimes it comes attached with a rejection, and other times it comes with a genuine desire to see someone or something be better. However, not everyone is an expert in giving feedback that will land the right way.

But nevertheless, feedback is feedback is feedback. And although it’s not always pleasant, we want to tell you why the TBE team thinks feedback isn’t scary.

The (very obvious) bottom line is that there is always something to learn from feedback. It will not only teach you something about yourself/your business, but it will also show you a thing or two about the person sharing it with you.

The Branding Edit team values feedback from our clients, from our professional community, and our network including our circle of friends. A few ways we like to invite input on our process and content are through our social media channels (i.e., IG story poll feature is perfect for it and such a fun way to engage and connect); and during and at the closing of a project with a client.

We’ve gotten input that has helped us enhance our services, as well as refine our strategies and our processes. People want to see us be the best version of ourselves and want to see us succeed, and when we actively listen to what they have to share, we get the privilege and opportunity to hear a different perspective/view from their angle and decide how it fits within/outside of our framework.

A “No, I cannot afford Service A right now but wonder how you could tailor Service B for my business needs” says a lot about the complexities of the life of that small business entrepreneur and often gives some insights into their industry and what type of support other creatives like them may be looking for.

When we keep an open mind in the face of the feedback, the land of possibilities can be endless. Of course, not every input requires immediate action or any action at all. It’s okay to sit on it if you have to. Give yourself time to assess its authenticity and validity, and decide whether it makes sense in the grand scheme of things and aligns with your direction. If necessary, why not dive a little deeper by polling a few more groups around you – and see if a common theme or two emerges from these conversations.

Nowadays, we don’t need to go far to search for input – social media is a lovely place that offers so much potential when it comes to connecting with and speaking directly with your ideal clientele. At TBE we have this habit of posing a question to our followers+clients at the end of an Instagram post. We find it to be a great way to engage with our IG community, to hear their perspectives, to know what’s going on in their lives as entrepreneurs – and most of all to receive clarity on the value of our content, which sometimes influences components of our services.

Good constructive feedback is about growth and alignment. Nothing scary about that. Because truth be told, YOU get to choose how it lands!