Aster Candle, Handmade Candle Company 

What led you to reach out to us?

I had been following along with The Branding Edit via Instagram after meeting Brittanny, Patsy, and Olivia through The Lady Project. After seeing them share content from some of the workshops they offered, I knew that they could help me in generating new ideas for my social media channels. I reached out to them not only because they had insightful tips, but because they seemed enthusiastic, engaging and supportive.


How did we support you?

Before my one-on-one session with Brittanny and Patsy, I filled out a questionnaire regarding many aspects of my business. It really made me reflect and try to identify why I started this business and who I wanted to connect with. During our conversation, they encouraged me to put myself out there and become more visible within my business. They pointed out that the brand stories that resonated most with me were about the people and inspiration behind the product.


What results have you noticed after implementing our recommendations?

After implementing your recommendations, I have seen increased engagement on social media. This is helpful in building my brand awareness and increasing retail and wholesale leads. I have conducted giveaways, connected with influencers, and begun to utilize Instagram Stories to capture feedback from my audience on things like new scents and label designs.

I have also made changes behind the scenes; utilizing apps like MailChimp to stay in touch with my customers.

One of my goals was to expand my wholesale distribution beyond New England. Recently I have picked up wholesale accounts in Texas, Indiana, and New York!


What she got:

Believe It + Branded photography


What were you struggling with at the time?

I had been running my side business, Aster Candle, for about two years and needed some direction. With most of my leads coming from Instagram, I knew I needed to step up my online presence if I wanted to continue to grow. I was struggling with creating consistent content that felt genuine.


How did working with us make you feel?

I left our session feeling so confident! While I was hoping to gain insight on social media strategy, I walked away with much more than that. I felt more comfortable at the thought of engaging with existing and potential customers both online and off. After our session I was provided with a customized brand plan that I refer to often. Brittanny and Patsy were able to create a list of action items that felt exciting to implement without being overwhelming.

All photos by Aster Candle